Are you sick of doing Core Exercises for Back Pain?

Your lower back pain may be related to lower body alignment issues

These days the first port-of-call for anyone suffering lower back pain is to see a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. A physiotherapist or chiropractor are experts in treating the symptoms of back pain but often they tend to neglect the cause of the pain. It is very important to not only reduce the inflammation and discomfort but also to establish the cause as often back issues reoccur.

At Melbourne Podiatry Clinic we provide a comprehensive assessment to determine the role your lower limb biomechanics may be playing in your back pain. We can determine if your hip, knee and foot alignment is contributing to your pain and explain why it continues to return. We provide video gait analysis of you walking and running and then send you the footage. The footage will have a detailed verbal commentary of your assessment to highlight key issues. This can be then made available to either your physiotherapists, chiropractor or physician.

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