Are Your Orthotics Causing You Pain?

Are you current pair of orthotics uncomfortable? Unable to fix your pain? or Difficult to run in?

We have the solution to your problems!

Melbourne Podiatry Clinic is proud to be the only clinic in Victoria to use the Foot Alignment System. The Foot Alignment System differs from the traditional way podiatrists cast for orthotics as it is taken with the patient standing not in the chair. As the patient stands on the foot pads, the feet and body are then realigned to the desired position and casted. The cast is then sent to an orthotic laboratory where the orthotic is made.

The benefits of this system include:

  • Weight-bearing – captures the foot when it is in stance. This provides a much more accurate representation of the foot during stance, running or walking.
  • Removes the margin for error – most orthotics are made by casting the patient in non-weightbearing and then sent to a lab who make modifications to the cast and then press the orthotic. The podiatrist can make all the necessary adjustments while the patient is in the room to ensure the orthotic will provide exactly the right level of support for the individual.
  • Comfort – due to the fact the cast is taken in weight-bearing the orthotic is not only supportive but also extremely comfortable.
  • Research – a study at La Trobe University showed 96% of participants preferred the Foot Alignment System orthotic compared to traditional orthotics.

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