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3 Ways To Reach Your Running Goals in 2016

screen-shot-2015-12-22-at-3-08-57-pmAs we welcome in the new year, we all find ourselves thinking about fresh starts and new goals. Maybe you want stay injury free, run a PB or try and run a marathon? Whatever your goals for the new year are, here are a few tips that will give you a kickstart towards accomplishing them:

  1. See your Physio and Podiatrist: Most of us have imbalances and weaknesses that are either holding us back or are poised to cause a major injury. Even if you aren’t currently injured, a trip to your health practitioner who specialises in sports can be helpful. They can point out areas that may cause a problem later on down the line and help you map out a strength training plan to keep you healthy.
  2. Hire a Running Coach: Running coaches aren’t just for elite athletes. Hiring a running coach is a great move to help you navigate uncharted territory or take you to the next level. A running coach can create a customised training plan that fits your needs, answer questions and evaluate performance along the way. They can also adjust your plan if you happen to be sick or injured, which can help you stay on track towards your goals despite set-backs. If you don’t want to commit to a running coach, try some on the great apps such as Couch to 5k to get your started!
  3. Write it Down: Keeping a daily log of your runs can be a valuable source of feedback as your training progresses, allowing you re-evaluate and make adjustments. Nowadays there are many great apps such as Strava, Garmin and MapMyRun to log the distance of your run, duration and you can use them to
    record how you felt and the conditions. Keeping track of your progress is a great way to help with motivation as it enables you to see how you have improved from previous runs.

With help of our expert Sports Physios and Massage therapists we have developed a Running Screening program. Our screening is designed specifically for runners to find any imbalances or weakness that may lead to injury and give you the tools to fix them.  To get you started on your journey in 2016, we would like to offer you a full Running Screening including a Physio, Podiatry and Massage consultation for only $150. That’s over $250 worth of value plus you can use your health insurance for each of these consultations. Offer ends Feb 29 2016 and is subject to availability. Click here to find out more. Call us on (03) 9993 0461 to organise a time today!

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