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Are You Cutting Your Toenails Correctly?

All of us do it on a regular basis, but do you know how to do it correctly? Many common nail problems are caused by incorrect technique. Ingrown toenails, fungal infections, split nails and nasty bacterial infections can all be prevented by cutting your nails properly.
When cutting your nails the most important thing to avoid is cutting down the edges of the nail. Even if you feel like you have a ingrowing nail, do not cut down the nail to try to remove it. It will become sorer and likely infected. Below is a diagram of how to cut your nails with three examples of what not to do. Basically if you follow the natural contour of nail without cutting down the side, past where the nail leaves the skin on both sides you should be fine. If you do develop signs of infection or pain then don’t have a go at it yourself, see your podiatrist!As a podiatrist we strongly recommend you avoid “pedi salons” as they don’t have strict hygiene regulations or codes of practice and you have no idea who last had their feet in your foot spa. We strongly recommend if you wish to have your nails painted to visit a podiatrist to have your nails cut and then see a pedicurist to have them painted or do it yourself.

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