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Golf is a very popular sport that many of us enjoy. Despite the relative low impact nature of the sport, golfers can sometimes walk up to 15km during a round and therefore careful consideration regarding footwear is required. Our podiatrist and keen golfer Tristan helps you understand what you need to consider when choosing your next pair of golf shoes.

Firstly there are a few things to consider when choosing which golf shoe is right for you.

  • Weather
  • Different foot types
  • Whether you have orthoses or insoles
  • Whether you play or practise on a range more or both!

If you do experience foot pain or have orthotics then it is a good idea to check your golf shoes with your podiatrist prior to wearing them on the course. Certain features and simple tweaks can make the shoe more comfortable and prevent foot pain.

Characteristics of shoes:

  • Ensure the shoe is of the appropriate width/length for your feet
  • Cushioning- essential when playing 18 rounds of golf where you can easily clock up 12-16k steps
  • Heel counter depth- this will provide greater stability for your feet and accommodate orthoses or insoles (if you wear them)
  • Materials: some shoes are more water-resistant/proof than others, as a result, the materials will often be more rigid/firmer. This is something to take into consideration if your shoe is too small for your foot as it will press against the foot more so.


Golf shoes come in 2 types: spikes or spikeless. Both have their pros and cons which are discussed below.


  • Pro: Greater traction when it is wet/playing in winter & giving you more confidence when you swing and load up and transfer your weight
  • Con: wearing on surfaces other than grass will wear away the spikes quite quickly


  • Pro: provide greater flexibility if you want to wear your shoes to/from the course or take it to the range
  • Con: Not as effective in providing traction when the grass is wet


My top 5 shoes (in no particular order):

FootJoy Fuel (BOA or lace system)

  • Spikeless
  • Light-weight, deep heel counter, well-cushioned, can accommodate orthoses

FootJoy Men’s Pro SL

  • 100% waterproof
  • spikeless and offers optimal traction 
  • Stable, accommodate orthoses/insoles
  • FootJoy’s most “comfortable” shoe

Puma Ignite:

  • Spikeless
  • High amounts of cushioning
  • Forgiving waterproof upper

Nike AirZoom infinity tour:

  • Spikes
  • Supportive around the ankle & well cushioned
  • Light-weight & forgiving waterproof upper

Ecco Biom:

  • Spikes
  • Accommodates orthoses/insoles well
  • Stable
  • Well-cushioned

The above shoes can be tried and purchased from your local golf store, should you have any questions before purchasing a golf shoe, we can help you out so you are well-informed on what may be most appropriate for YOUR feet.


Written by Tristan MacHutchison – Podiatrist at Melbourne Podiatry Clinic



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