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How can you stay fit when you’re injured?

When an injury strikes it can be devastating for many reasons, one being the thought of going backwards inthe strength and fitness progress you have already made. While some conditions may require rest, a moon boot or surgery there are ways around that and major benefits of staying active without worsening your condition. 

Benefits of continuing to train while injured: 

  • Promotes mental health
  • Allows you to maintain your social life if that revolves around your sports club or gym community
  • Prevent loss of physical function
  • Prevents loss of conditioning
  • Allows for a faster recovery
  • Help to maintain weight
  • Can lead to better blood flow and muscle pumps to assist with reducing inflammation and promoting healing

This can be achieved through a few simple questions: 

Can overall load/weight be adjusted?

Depending on the sport or injury this may include stationary kicking for a football player or walking for an avid runner. This can also be achieved by doing standing weighted exercises seated or on an exercise ball. 

Can your range of motion be adjusted? 

Adjusting the range of motion can still allow you to work your muscles without causing pain or inflammation to a joint. This may mean you do box squats where you can select the depth and ankle joint range of motion while you recover from an ankle sprain. 

Do you have a different goal you can work towards while you are injured? 

Maybe you’re a runner who neglects the strength work you know you should be doing. A new goal regarding a weight lifted or being able to do body weight seated calf raises could be your new objective. This will not only distract you but actually help to improve your strength and power when you return to running. 

Can a different body part be worked or the exercise be modified? 

Modification can allow you to still work the same muscles just in a different way, ultimately achieving the same result! 

Can a bike, assault bike, rower, ski erg, circuit or swimming be substituted into your program? 

Maintaining your cardiovascular fitness is important and here at Melbourne Podiatry Clinic, we are lucky enough to have an array of different cardio machines that can be substituted into your program to help you maintain your current strength and conditioning. 


Your Podiatrist can help you turn your injury into a positive and get you doing what you love sooner!


Written by Maddie Ferrie – Podiatrist 


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