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Is Poor Alignment the Cause of Your Knee Pain?

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Anterior knee pain is one of the most common conditions we see in our clinics, especially amongst ladies and the beginning exerciser. It is commonly caused by increased wearing and inflammation behind the knee cap. Catching this condition early before it has a chance to impact on your training program is vital. Not only will you avoid time off but it will also be much quicker to fix.



The early warning signs and risk factors for knee pain are easy to pick if you know what you are looking for:KneePain-1

  1. Foot alignment: when your feet roll in it changes the alignment of your whole leg. This creates wearing in the knee and results in pain and inflammation. A quick video gat anlysis can accurately assess this risk factor.
  1. Increased knee to hip angle: if you can see that your leg appears to go inwards from the hips to knee and then out again from knee to ankle you are at increased risk of knee problems.

By eliminating these risk factors of injuries you can prevent and treat anterior knee pain in addition to many other leg injuries.

If you are suffering from this frustrating condition, we are here to help! We see hundreds of cases of this condition per year and achieve excellent results for our patients. At Melbourne Podiatry Clinic we are pleased to offer you a NO GAP Initial Consultation. This offer includes a comprehensive initial assessment with video gait analysis to correctly diagnose your problem and then outline your treatment plan. Book Online or call (03) 9993 0461 today!

Terms and Conditions: No Gap refers to no out of pocket expense for the first consult for those with extras private health insurance. For those without private health insurance, a fee of $42 applies to the initial consult.

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