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Noosa Triathlon 2012

Noosa Triathlon Report by Andrew Maitland:

Recently I was fortunate enough to be a part of the 30th Anniversary of the Noosa Triathlon. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to visit Noosa, do it! It is a beautiful part of Australia with its picturesque beaches and national parks, beautiful resorts and fine dining. Apart from all that it is a phenomenal spot to train, especially triathlon. It is warm and light at 4:30am each morning so naturally you wake up early and can hit the trails or roads. The road surface around Noosa is superb allowing very fun training sessions on the bike.

I headed up on the Friday before the event having neatly packed my bike in the my box for the flight and drove from Brisbane to Noosa, which is only 90mins. I jumped on the bike straight away after arriving in Noosa and could see firsthand why so many elite athletes call this place home. Noosa really comes alive during this event and the entire length of Hastings St was buzzing! The village showcased some of the top brands of the sport as well as some unbelievable bikes which I can only dream of owning..

The race was on the Sunday and we awoke to overcast skies. Literally as the gun went off to release the pros it began to rain and didn’t stop until they finished. I was a half hour after the pros and managed to survive the swim in the canals without my favoured wetsuit (water was 24.2 degrees). I entered T1 with it still raining and scrambled out onto the bike leg. The bike course begins flat, has a 3km hill at the 10km mark then flattens out before a long descent back into Noosa. Despite the wet conditions, I was happy with my bike split and entered T2 for the final leg. Due to the greasy conditions I saw a number of pros and age-groupers come off their bikes including one rider slide out in front of me and hit his head. The run is very flat and fast as part of an out and back course and I managed to get through it reasonably comfortably. It is always a great feeling finishing a triathlon, especially at a new course, and when I saw the finish line and heard the crowd it made the pain feel worthwhile. My final time was 2:28:31.

I will definately aim to do Noosa again. It’s such a great event, not only as it is so well run but it’s an such a fantastic excuse to escape to a little piece of paradise if only for the weekend…

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