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Our Top 5 Radiology Clinics in Melbourne

We regularly use radiology clinics to help us diagnose patients’ injuries. As podiatrists, we can refer for ultrasound, X-ray and MRI scans with patients being able to access medicare rebates. When we send someone for a scan it is really important we have full confidence that the radiology clinic is capable and experienced with imaging for certain conditions. This is really important because we often make key decisions surrounding a patient’s care basedon the results of a scan.

We have put together our Top 5 Radiology Clinics in Melbourne based on our experience with them:

Melbourne Radiology Clinic

Melbourne Radiology Clinic is based in East Melbourne and is one of the main radiology clinics we refer to. We typically use them for more complex conditions such as forefoot pathologies (plantar plate tears, neuroma) or stress fractures. With ultrasound scans, typically a radiologist only examines the ultrasound images retrospectively, here, the radiologist will come in (in person) after the sonographer has done a full assessment and will conduct a further live examination to confirm the diagnosis. The cost will typically be higher for this clinic but the attention to detail and comprehensive nature of their process means as podiatrists we have excellent confidence in their report.

Imaging Associates

Imaging Associates are located in Box Hill – close to our Blackburn clinic. Regarded as the best clinic in the local area they offer excellent services and thorough reporting to our podiatrists. One of the best attributes of this clinic is the level of access we get to the radiologists. Often we will want to have a chat to follow up on a scan result or discuss an image and they are very happy to have a chat in a timely manner. Easy to access all their images and reports via a simple-to-use imaging portal.

Imaging at Olympic Park

IOP has been one of the premier radiology providers for many years. Located in the Olympic Park precinct at AAMI Park they have plenty of experience from elite athletes to the general population. They hold regular professional training events that practitioners can attend with the level of expertise and experience of the team at IOP on show. One issue we find is getting there can be difficult. Access to the clinic is often dependent on traffic and time of day so consider that when booking your appointment. 

Victoria House

Victoria House is based in South Yarra and offers excellent radiology services including a weight-bearing CT scan. This is one of the top radiology clinics in Melbourne that look after a number of elite sporting clubs with highly regarded radiologists. One of the main reasons we have included this clinic in our top 5 is that they are one of the only places that offer a standing CT scan which is very useful for the diagnosis of syndesmosis and Lisfranc injuries.

Capital Radiology

We regard Capitol Radiology as the best suburban radiology clinic. For anything complex, we will always refer to the other clinics above but for X-ray and ultrasound scans for conditions such as plantar fasciitis and trauma-related injuries such as fractures and ankle sprains we have good confidence in their service. Capitol Radiology has an excellent imaging portal which makes it very easy to access images and reports from our clinic computer. They have dozens of locations around Melbourne so there is always a clinic that is located nearby.


If you need a radiology referral or treatment for a foot/ankle injury then we can help!


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