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Heel Pain – 3 Steps to Pain Relief

Lately we’ve been seeing more and more people suffering with heel pain.Heel pain can be completely debilitating for those that suffer with it.
If you’re suffering with heel pain or know someone who is, it’s painful, you can’t play sport and you’re missing out on doing what you love, it just plain affects your life. Perhaps you can relate…special-offer-1That’s why we’ve designed the “3 step expert heel pain relief session”.
It can take you from being in pain, sitting on the sidelines and missing out on doing what you love, to being pain free, active and participating in life again – fast. It’s so rewarding to see people make the shift and get pain free and reclaim their lives.In this expert 30 minute session you’ll:

  • Finally discover what is causing your heel pain (in most cases it’s not what you think)
  • Learn the most important self-management heel pain techniques to keep your heel pain at bay and leave knowing how to apply them
  • Receive a personalised plan to get you pain free FAST
  • Receive expert heel pain treatment to help give you relief and end your frustrating battle with heel pain
  • Leave with clarity and certainty about how you can be and remain pain free

The 3 step expert heel pain relief session is valued at $170 but for you or your friends and family it’s gap free for health insured patients or just $42 for non-insured patients for a short time only. *To be eligible for this offer you must mention it when booking.

If you’d like to end your heel pain and you know that this session will help you, simply call us and our lovely receptionist will take you straight to our diary and help you out or simply you can book online.

We look forward to helping you,

Andrew Maitland, Jackson McCosker and Carl Joyce
Sports Podiatrists





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