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Running during COVID-19

Running during COVID-19

Now is a great time to start running! With so many gyms, sporting clubs now off-limits, running is the perfect way to stay fit! During the current COVID-19 pandemic, running has been classified as a safe ‘essential’ activity and is easy to get out and do requiring minimal equipment or technology. Simply pull on your running shoes and hit the trails!

However, for most of us who are getting back into running or are new to the sport then there are a few things you must consider first:

Running during COVID-19

1. Get on top of your niggles!

Make sure if some mild pain somewhere starts to hang around for more than 2 days, you get on top of it early! Touch base with a running health professional and get some advice on how to treat it before it becomes a problem and prevents you from running. The vast majority of running injuries can be resolved very quickly if changes are made early. So don’t ignore that heel pain or niggle in the knee, seek advice and keep off the treatment table!

2. Increase your load gradually

If you haven’t run recently you need to increase your running gradually. Don’t go out and run 10km straight away. Your body needs time to adjust to the sudden increase in stress. The human body doesn’t respond well to rapid change and this is the number 1 cause of running injuries.

  • Start with intervals or short distance runs
  • Have recovery days between every run
  • Change one thing at a time – speed/hills/shoes
  • Follow the basic 10-20% rule (don’t increase your weekly km by more than 20%)

3. Make sure you have the right running shoes

Firstly, ensure your running shoes are in good condition. Check by looking for wear on the underside of the shoe (outer sole) and creasing in the cushioning (midsole). Secondly, make sure you have a running shoe. There are hundreds of different shoes on the market but make sure you have one designed for running. If you’ve never been assessed to find out what shoe best suits you, then now is the time to do that! We can help conduct a running gait assessment and help you choose the best shoe for your running style/biomechanics.

Our podiatrists are able to give you quick, effective, personalised advice on all of these important considerations via online or in-clinic appointments to help keep you running. If you’d like more info use the Live Chat feature to chat to one of us now!

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