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Running Injury Screening

You have committed yourself to train for a running event.  The journey is long and will require a tremendous amount of time and sacrifice, the definition of anything worth pursuing. Your preparations will challenge you on both physical and mental level, the likes of which you have never experienced. There will be times when you are on top of the world. There will be others, when all you want to do is quit. There will be sunny days, rainy days and everything in between. As you embark upon this expedition, let us help you to enjoy it injury free! Our Bulletproof Your Body screening program will be an integral component to your training regime. Due to the high endurance level of running, injury is often the determining factor in how you perform on race day. Also running is highly technical with efficiency being very important, therefore screening is imperative to achieve your best possible result on the day.

Initial Injury and Function Screening: Our fully qualified Sports Podiatrists will carry out the initial screening. First we will want to get an understanding of your previous and current injury history. Then we will conduct a full muscle and joint assessment specific to running involving checking all relevant joints and muscle to highlight any potential weaknesses.  Generally you will be prescribed exercises but occasionally some manual therapies to help facilitate better movement. Depending on the level of the deficiency you may be asked to make a return appointment in 1, 2 or 4 weeks for reassessment and/or manual treatments to assist you achieve your goal.

Running Gait Analysis: A comprehensive running Video Gait Analysis will assess your running technique and detect any issues that may cause problems as you progress through your running program. We will assess you from behind and to the side to look at hip/knee and foot position, stride length and foot strike position. Often simple changes to your running technique can resolve the majority of running injury issues and our podiatrists can assist you making this change.  Other treatments may include specific strengthening exercises, running drills, running shoe changes or orthotics.

Return To Running: Knowing when to return to running can be the difference between an injury reoccurring or not.  With a comprehensive understanding of your condition our podiatrists will put together a return to running program involving progressively loading you while continuing to work on your running technique and any weaknesses you may have. Often this will mean not having to completely stop running in the first place!

This program has been designed specifically for runners by runners. All of us here love to run and have been throughplantar fasciitis Essendon exactly what you are about to go through. Not only are we experts at assessing and treating running injuries but we love passing on our experience and knowledge when it comes to all things running. Call us today on (03) 9993 0461 to book in for our Running Screening and don’t let injuries stop you from achieving your goal!

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