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Running Socks – What To Look For

Running Socks

Your sock choice can be a make or break for your running or sporting activity. It is often underrated and can be the difference between a terrible blister plagued run or a smooth blissful run.

The key factors to keep in mind when purchasing socks for running and sports are:  


  • Very important for comfort and performance.
  • Sweat-wicking materials with blister prevention properties are required in combination to qualify as a quality running sock.
  • Polyester, nylon, wool, lycra, spandex and elastic are commonly used materials in quality running socks.
  • The inability of cotton to wick away sweat and glide freely with the skin deems it not advised for running.
  • Be sure to avoid socks with abrasive materials or poorly located seams.

Comfort and Length- mostly a personal preference.

  • Ensure socks are long enough so that your toes aren’t squashed and curled up at the ends of your toes. Ensure the sock shapes well around your foot, to ensure comfort.
  • During warmer weather, a lower cut sock may be preferable. Those who run on trails may prefer a longer sock to limit stone collection.


  • Provide extra padding against blisters or bruises, or those exercising for long periods or on firm rocky terrain.


Our trialled and tested favourite running socks here at Melbourne Podiatry Clinic are Steigen. Book in today and we can offer you sock advice and options or blister management and prevention. 

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