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School Shoes: What to look for

It’s almost that time of year where you can relax again and send the kids out of the house to make them the responsibility of their poor teachers. However before that sigh of relief, there’s one more daunting task ahead – buying them new school shoes. Being constantly bombarded by different school shoe ads can lead you to doubt your already limited school shoe knowledge, but it’s  vital you get them in the right pair of shoes.

IMG_4819_1024x683_It’s estimated that children spend approximately 40 hours/week in their school shoes, and as you can imagine it isn’t 40 hours of walking between the photocopier and the computer. Its 40 hours of walking, running, jumping and skipping that puts enormous stress on not just their feet but the rest of their body. So one of our podiatrists Carl Joyce will explain the key features of a good school shoe and review some of the more popular brands.

Features of a good School Shoe:

  • Flexible
  • Flat
  • Light
  • Laces, strap or buckle
  • Firm heel counter
  • Removable insole
  • Deep toe box/Varying Widths
  • Length (the child’s thumb width from the front)
  • Adequate support and cushioning

Professional Opinion: 

In my opinion, the Ascent range from The Athletes Foot is a great option. It sold as a “sports shoe in disguise” and that’s because it is. Clarke’s also have a large range of shoes these days and are following suit with the sports theme, but Ascent still takes the cake for me. It’s worth considering when purchasing the cheaper option from Kmart or Target they are not likely to last as long plus the lack of support and cushioning can contribute to injuries occurring in the feet and legs.

End Note:

If you’ve purchased the best shoes and your child has developed a problem then there may be a deeper underlying issue which a thorough assessment is required to identify the cause. Consult your podiatrist or come see one of our experienced podiatrists here at Melbourne Podiatry Clinic.

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