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Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 16

The first thing I noticed as soon as I picked up this shoe is ‘wow, this shoe feels light’ and at just 281gm it is! The 16th iteration of the Mizuno Wave Rider has had a dramatic weight reduction (34gms!) to now be one of the lightest high mileage running shoes on the market. With a loyal band of followers developing around this shoe, Mizuno have needed to ensure that the dramatic weight reduction does not affect the performance and responsiveness for which it has previously been renowned.From my initial experiences they seem to have got it just right. Mizuno continues to provide plush cushioning in this new lightweight package while still maintaining a responsive ride. It feels snug on the foot and the transition from heel to toe feels seamless and effortless. The lightness is noticeable particularly when running fast with the shoe still feeling supportive and stable.

Mizuno’s wave plate technology gives them the flexibility to create a shoe that is incredibly light but continues to provide the qualities of a traditional running shoe. The wave plate in the Rider finishes at the forefoot and this does cause a slightly firmer feel in the forefoot relative to the heel. The heel feels very soft and plush with the wave plate visibly compressing during heel strike. For some runners (particularly midfoot runners) this can create a feeling of instability through the heel with some reporting heel slippage when running.

The shoe has had some changes to the upper to provide a roomier, more spacious feel through the forefoot with large venting mesh added and design changes to the structural segments to provide a more enhanced fit. It continues with the 12mm heel to toe offset and does come in two widths for both men and women.

My experience with the Wave Rider has been as a great go-to shoe for that neutral to mild pronator who wants a high performance shoe that is light and responsive. I have found it also provides a very stable platform for the runner who needs an orthotic without interfering with the control of the device.

Mizuno’s most popular shoe, the Wave Rider has gone through a dramatic transformation from its predecessor without compromising on durability and performance and looks set to become another great seller.

Andrew Maitland is a sports podiatrist at the Melbourne Podiatry Clinic. Having worked closely with many elite and amateur runners over the years he has helped many people in the prevention and treatment of running injuries.

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