Heel Pain Treatment Surrey Hills

Heel Pain: A Comprehensive Guide

Heel pain is a common foot condition that can affect individuals of all ages, causing discomfort and impacting daily activities.

What is Heel Pain?

It often manifests as pain under or behind the heel, especially after periods of rest or intense activity. While heel pain can stem from various factors such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, or heel spurs, its impact on mobility and quality of life is significant. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for heel pain is essential for effective management and relief.

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What are the different causes of heel pain?

Heel pain could be caused by:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis
  2. Achilles Tendonitis
  3. Heel Spurs
  4. Stress Fractures
  5. Bursitis
  6. Sever’s Disease (in children)
  7. Heel Fat Pad Syndrome
  8. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  9. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  10. Calcaneal Stress Fractures


Heel pain can present with various symptoms, including:

Pain under the heel or behind it

Pain that worsens with activity, especially after long periods of rest

Stiffness and discomfort in the heel area

Unable to weight-bear

Aching at night

Burning or hot sensation

Tenderness or swelling in the affected area


Diagnosing the cause of heel pain involves:

A thorough physical examination of the foot and ankle

Review of medical history and lifestyle factors

Imaging tests such as X-rays, ultrasound, or MRI to assess the underlying structures


To prevent heel pain, you can:

Wear supportive footwear with cushioned soles and adequate arch support

Maintain a healthy weight to reduce pressure on the feet

Avoid overuse or sudden increases in activity levels

Perform stretching exercises regularly, especially before and after exercise

Heel Pain Treatment Surrey Hills
Heel Pain Treatment Surrey Hills

Treatment Options

At Melbourne Podiatry Clinic, we offer a range of treatment options for heel pain, including:

Manual therapies such as soft tissue massage and dry needling help reduce the pain

Taping/strapping to offload the painful area

Stretching and strengthening exercises to improve flexibility and strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments

Shockwave therapy to stimulate healing and reduce pain

Orthotic devices or supportive footwear to provide cushioning and support

Corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation and pain

Surgery in severe cases or when conservative treatments fail

Why Choose Melbourne Podiatry Clinic

Expertise and experience in diagnosing and treating heel pain

Personalised treatment plans tailored to your specific condition and lifestyle

A comprehensive approach to foot health, addressing the root cause of your heel pain

Latest technology for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment

Positive results with a focus on patient-centered care and satisfaction


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Frequently Asked Questions

In some cases, mild heel pain may improve with rest and self-care measures. However, it’s important to seek professional advice if symptoms persist or worsen.
Recovery time varies depending on the cause and severity of the heel pain. With proper treatment and management, many people experience significant improvement within a few weeks to months.
Generally, yes. However, your podiatrist may recommend modifying your exercise routine to avoid aggravating the condition. Low-impact activities like swimming or cycling may be better tolerated than high-impact exercises.
To prevent heel pain from recurring, it’s essential to address any underlying factors such as poor footwear, overuse, or biomechanical issues. Your podiatrist can provide personalised recommendations for prevention.

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