Do You Have a Bunion?

Bunions are painful bony bumps that develop on the foot, they can occur on the outside of the big toe or on the outside of the little toe. The development of a bunion is slow, and over time the affected toe can move toward the other toes, this is usually due to increased pressure through the big toe joint when walking. 

Bunions can be extremely painful and debilitating for some people, but for other people, the issue is more aesthetic. In both cases, it can be difficult to find footwear to accommodate the bunion, which can lead to inflammation of the area due to rubbing of the joint against the inside of the shoe. 

Bunions can occur for a number of different reasons and it is not attributed to one single cause. Rather the changes develop over time and can be caused by weakness of the leg and foot muscles, altered walking, family history of bunions or a combination of these factors. Contrary to popular belief high heels and tight, narrow shoes do not cause bunions but can exacerbate the signs and symptoms of a bunion. What this means is that if you have predisposing factors for bunions, then footwear can increase the risk of developing a bunion. 

The management of bunions involves correcting the factors that predispose to the condition, such as correcting muscle weakness and altering walking mechanics. This can be done with the use of foot and leg exercises, orthotics, sports strapping, footwear changes, joint mobilisation or a combination of these treatments. 

Bunions are a very common foot complaint we treat at Melbourne Podiatry Clinic at our Essendon and Blackburn clinics. If you wish to find out what is causing your bunion and the treatment options available to you then come see us for a no-obligation podiatry assessment and treatment plan today!