Do You Run? We can help you fulfil your potential!

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Did you know most running injuries are caused by biomechanical issues. Biomechanics describes the way your body moves and unless we know what is going wrong, we can’t fix it! It may be instability at your hips, you may overstride or you might have excessively flat feet. All of these issues are treatable and a comprehensive video gait analysis will be able to isolate your issues and then we can correct the problems. It may involve some strengthening exercises, gait re-training or orthotics to improve your biomechanics and alleviate your symptoms or stop them from occurring in the first place.

We can also determine what running shoe is right for you. By analysing your running gait we are able to accurately determine the right shoe for you and refer you to get fitted. We then can assess you in the new shoes to ensure they are working as they should.

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