Foot Survival Guide for Spring Racing Carnival

The glitz and glamour of the spring racing carnival is upon us, and so are the memories of limping home with painful swollen, blistered feet.  This spring carnival don’t take a gamble on shoes, here are my essential tips to keep a spring in your step this racing season.

Heel Type

A day at the races is a marathon not a sprint thereby a shoe that will keep you standing all day is essential. A block or wedge heel rather than a stiletto is a must for an all-day event requiring all-day comfort. It will not only aid in the stability of the shoe, reducing the likelihood of you rolling an ankle but also give a bigger surface area to spread the load of your foot rather than focal pressure through the heel and forefoot

Heel Height

Ideally try and keep your heel height 4cm or below, the higher the heel the more pressure through the forefoot, this can lead to numbness and burning through the balls of your feet particularly with the addition of a narrow toe box.

Particularly with shoes with a larger heel assure the straps and toebox accommodate for the increased swelling of your foot that will occur throughout the day and may be a cause blistering or rubbing.


This is what keeps your foot in the shoe and prevents your foot from moving round in the shoe. The more points of fixation a shoe has whether this be buckles, laces or straps the less work the intrinsic musculature of your foot has to do to keep the shoe on. An ankle strap is ideal in affixing your foot and ankle to the shoe and preventing clawing of your toes. Make sure all straps are firm but not too tight to avoid your feet working overtime to keep the shoe on.

Blisters ?

These guys have the power to cut any race day short but there are a few little tricks to delaying their onset

  1. WEAR IN YOUR SHOES before the big day identify ‘hot spots’, areas of rubbing or irritation and protect them! Compeed or Scholl blister patches are a lifesaver.
  2. Pop a pair of ballet flats in your clutch. If your shoes become unbearable this is a much safer way to walk home, both for your feet and dignity.

With these hot tips you’ll be sure to be on a winner this racing season!

By Tara Bowman - Podiatrist at Melbourne Podiatry Clinic