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1069 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon VIC 3040      
2/10-12 Blackburn Rd, Blackburn VIC 3130

(03) 9993 0461
Heel pain Blackburn and Essendon
If you are experiencing heel pain that is preventing you from doing what you love then we can help! Heel pain is the most common condition we treat here at Melbourne Podiatry Clinic and we love helping people get back on their feet. We provide effective, long-lasting solutions for your heel pain no matter what the cause.

What we do:

1. Understand exactly what is causing your pain
2. Reduce your pain
3. Get you moving again
4. Provide a long term solution
Our goal is to stop heel pain impacting your life and get you moving again without pain - fast!
One of the most effective treatments for heel pain is Shockwave therapy. This is an effective, non-invasive treatment that not only repairs the area but reduces your pain. We have helped hundreds of people resolve their heel pain with shockwave therapy and return to what they love - pain-free!

New Patient Offer:

For a limited time, we are offering a no-obligation assessment for ALL New Patients with a NO GAP appointment (or $59 without health cover) to correctly diagnose your problem and then determine if shockwave therapy is right for you. Try our evidence-based program today and we guarantee you'll feel better after your first treatment!

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What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a fast and effective walk in walk out treatment for heel pain that is a clinically proven, non-invasive (no need for injections) and non-surgical way to provide you with lasting pain relief. This means it can drastically reduce your time taken to return to sport, daily activities and improve your quality of life.
One of the other benefits of this treatment is there are very minimal if any, side effects. This makes it an ideal therapy to help speed up your recovery from chronic or new injuries.
Shockwave Therapy does not involve electrical shocks, instead, physical high-frequency sound waves delivered to directly to the tissue involved. This occurs as a projectile is fired back and forth in the applicator by compressed air, striking the transmitter at the end, sending the energy through ultrasound gel and directly into the affected area.
The treatment is proven to promote the body’s own regeneration and repairing process while assisting in the breakdown of scar tissue. During this process it also provides muscle trigger point release and allows new blood vessel formation, supplying more nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to kick start and support faster healing. It often has an immediate pain-relief benefit as it inhibits the neurological mechanism that causes the increased activity of our pain receptors.
A typical treatment alone takes about 4 minutes to complete with no need to take time off work or other commitments after the treatment is done. During the treatment, it is common to experience slight discomfort and an unusual feeling. However, most patients are easily able to tolerate it, especially due to the short duration of treatment.
We recommend that in the 48 hours after the treatment you refrain from any physical activity that is likely to aggravate the injured area. In order to ensure we get the best result, we generally book 4 sessions in advance at 2-5 day intervals. Typically, after these sessions, the results are really positive and pain has been significantly reduced.

With more than 25 years experience, the podiatrists at Melbourne Podiatry Clinic offer quality care for all foot conditions including: heel pain, heel spur, plantar fasciitis/fasciosis, arch pain, flat feet, achilles pain, bunion pain, forefoot pain, morton's neuroma and specialise in treating running injuries.
Conditions apply: No Gap refers to no out of pocket expense for the first consult for those with extras private health insurance. For those without private health insurance, only a significantly discounted fee of $59 applies to the initial consult. You must mention the offer when booking your appointment. This offer is a detailed assessment only, for some treatments additional costs may incur.