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Foot pain can significantly impact your mobility and overall well-being. Custom orthotics offer a personalised solution to a wide range of foot and ankle conditions.

Why Custom Orthotics?

Unlike off-the-shelf inserts, our custom orthotics are designed by taking a 3D scan of your feet after a detailed analysis of your unique foot anatomy and gait pattern. This targeted approach provides superior support and correction, promoting pain relief, improved balance, and optimal alignment. By addressing the underlying biomechanical causes of discomfort, custom orthotics are able to significantly enhance your foot health and overall quality of life.

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How Can We Help You With Orthotics?

Here is a list of common foot and ankle conditions effectively treated with custom orthotics:

Achilles tendinitis

High arches

Bunions and hammertoes

The key benefits of custom orthotics, include:

Improved foot posture and alignment

Offload sore or injured structures

Reduced pain and discomfort from various foot conditions

Enhanced stability and balance

Increased comfort while walking, running, or standing for extended periods

Improved shock absorption and pressure distribution

Why Choose Melbourne Podiatry Clinic

The structure and biomechanics of your feet and legs is unique.

Therefore, custom orthotics are often required to provide the appropriate level of support and correction to your foot and type of injury. Once we’ve conducted a detailed assessment of your foot and lower leg including a video gait analysis, we take a 3D scan of your foot to design an orthotic that is not only supportive but extremely comfortable and tailored to your individual requirements. Our custom orthotics last around 4-5 years (depending on use) and can be designed specifically to fit in any style of shoe.

Orthotics Vermont South

What Types of Orthotics Do We Offer?

Sports Orthotics

Orthotics designed specifically for running, walking or specific sports. Sports orthotics are designed to be more durable with a softer, full-length top cover to improve comfort and prevent blisters. These are suitable for shoes with a full-length removable inner sole such as a running shoe or football boot.


Previously orthotics weren’t able to fit in narrow dress shoes, boots and sandals. We can now design orthotics that can be worn in narrow, lower-profile shoes that provide the same level of correction but be worn in a wider variety of shoes. These come in a range of widths and colours to suit your needs and style.


Ultra-slim orthotics designed for shoes that won’t fit a normal orthotic. These are suitable for open-toed shoes, sandals and some high heels.

Cycling Orthotics

Designed to fit your cycling shoe to enhance comfort and power transfer through your pedals. Made from carbon fibre, these are light and durable and can treat a range of cycling-related foot problems.

If you have many different shoes, we offer 40% off your second pair of orthotics!


What our clients think of us:


Orthotics are custom-made shoe inserts designed to improve foot function and alignment. They can alleviate pain, improve balance and stability, and address a variety of foot conditions.
Orthotics can be beneficial for a variety of foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain, overuse injuries, and certain gait abnormalities. Our podiatrists will assess your individual needs to determine if orthotics would be right for you.
The fitting process typically involves a comprehensive foot examination, including a gait analysis, to assess your specific needs. We take a 3D scan of your feet and then an orthotic is 3D printed to your exact specifications.
Orthotics come in a variety of materials and designs to address different foot conditions and activities. Common types include over-the-counter orthotics, full custom orthotics, and rigid or soft orthotics.
The cost of orthotics can vary depending on the materials used, the level of customization, and your podiatrist’s fees. Be sure to discuss the cost with your podiatrist during the consultation. See our Fees & FAQs page for more information.

Yes, they do. We will work closely with you to resolve any issues and provide information about the wearing in procedures. To read more about our orthotic warranty policy please click HERE.

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