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1069 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon VIC 3040      
2/10-12 Blackburn Rd, Blackburn VIC 3130

(03) 9993 0461

Sports Podiatrist Mentor Position - Essendon

Are you an experienced podiatrist who has worked in a sports podiatry setting that is looking to mentor the next generation of podiatrists?

Are you looking to take your career to the next level in a brand new, modern, multidisciplinary clinic where you have training and support to be the best mentor you can be?

Do you want a guaranteed monthly salary and annual leave, PLUS the benefits of a robust and healthy commission?

If yes, then we want to hear from you!

Currently, we have employment opportunities for:

  • Sports Podiatrist: Mentor, Clinician to work between both our Essendon and Blackburn clinics. 
  • We are looking for someone to work between 28 and 38 hours per week.

About the role:

This is not your typical podiatrist job. We are looking for someone who has significant experience as a podiatrist who is looking to the next chapter in their career.

This is a completely new role for us as a clinic so we are looking for someone who strongly aligns with our core values, who fits with our long term vision for the clinic and wants to lead the next generation of MPC team members.

We are after a brilliant clinician who has passion and experience for sports podiatry who wants to be involved in mentoring and coaching the team to provide amazing patient experiences and outcomes.

The role would involve around 80-85% consulting and 15-20% mentoring the podiatry team. As the team grows so will the mentoring volume grow and you can become involved in helping hire the next bunch of therapists!

The mentoring component will involve running case conferences, group training and online in-services and 1:1 sessions with team members.

Clinic Locations

This is the exciting part! 

By the time you start we will have two brand new state-of-the-art clinics to work in at our Essendon and Blackburn locations. These clinics boast fresh, clean rooms with modern facilities such as a fully equipped gym (we’re talking treadmill with gait analysis, squat racks, cable machines, dumbbells and space to run around in).

We also offer onsite sports physiotherapists, sports doctors, personal trainers and a host of other services to come. We’re building something big and would love to have you along for the journey!

Who is this Mentor Position best suited for?

This role is perfect for someone who still loves consulting but wants to be involved in mentoring the next crop of podiatrists.

The mentoring will allow you to break up your week whilst still keeping your finger on the pulse looking after your own list of patients.

If you think you’d be perfect for this position, our expectations of you are that you have:

  • 5 years or more of experience in a private practice
  • Having more than a moderate interest in sports podiatry, we are looking for someone who wants to excel in this field
  • Experienced with working with athletes of all levels and providing them with comprehensive treatment solutions including exercise rehabilitation
  • A real passion for helping your patients, and team members improve
  • Relentless in your pursuit of excellence, willing to stretch beyond your comfort level.
  • Constantly seeking to grow yourself, personally and professionally, and be able to bring your colleagues along with you.
  • Someone who has a proven track record of building and maintaining a private practice caseload
  • Someone who enjoys having fun both within, and outside of the workplace, and someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously.

Who isn’t best suited to this role?

We are looking for someone passionate about treating foot and ankle musculoskeletal issues. This role doesn’t suit someone who wants to work in aged or community care, with the high-risk foot or provide solely general care podiatry.

We understand that sports podiatry is not for everyone. It requires very specific knowledge of the foot and ankle and can often be demanding work. To be proficient in this field you must be prepared to be constantly learning in your pursuit of achieving amazing patient outcomes. This means we are looking for people who have a keen passion and interest in sports foot and ankle injury care and want to share their knowledge with our team.

Premium mentoring sessions:

We highly value the skillset of our team, and the continued progression of our collective knowledge. 

You'll be helping to guide and coordinate our Premium Mentoring Program consists of:

  • Weekly Team In-service or Case Conference sessions (alternating weeks)
  • Regular 1:1 mentor meetings for further case conference, practical and theory sessions plus check in sessions to make sure you're happy and getting all the support you need
  • Every quarter, full team 3 hour practical sessions (and lunch of course).
  • Every 4 months, full team 'Pub Rumble' session, where we shut the clinic down and go to the pub for an amazing lunch and drinks and to learn more about each other and hang out as a team.
  • All of these sessions operate during 'work time' so you are paid to learn!!!
Sports podiatrist Essendon

All applicants must have:

  • Completed a Bachelor of Podiatry
  • Current AHPRA registration
  • Maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance at all times. 
  • Have all current vaccination requirements up to date and meet all other conditions of employment
  • Have the right to work in Australia (Visa sponsorship will not be accepted)

If you're not sure if this gig is for you, but you want to know more as it sounds intriguing, then send an email to andrew@melbournepodiatryclinic.com.au and he'll give you a call to discuss any questions.


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