Brooks Glycerin 13 Running Shoe Review

The Glycerin 13 is Brooks premier traditionally neutral runner boasting Super DNA cushioning technology which provides up to 25% more cushioning than its predecessor, giving a soft landing under foot for even the heavier striking runners. The 3D printed seamless upper reduces shearing, minimising the possibility of blistering in a properly fitted shoe and gives a mild support as it hugs the foot with the addition of the aptly named saddle wraps. Brooks claims the shoe to have ideal pressure zones throughout the outsole and a rounded heel which keeps the body in its ideal alignment. The body will naturally find its best striking pattern to minimise metabolic cost if the individual is not trying to specifically follow a particular type of running techniques, therefore the idea of having ideal pressure zones is very much debatable as a concept.

Secondly, the rounded heel to keep the body in ideal alignment is also a questionable statement.