934 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon VIC 3040      2/10-12 Blackburn Rd, Blackburn VIC 3130

1300 821 893

934 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon VIC 3040      
2/10-12 Blackburn Rd, Blackburn VIC 3130

1300 821 893
Tegan Sipthorp
  • Masters of Podiatric Practice (La Trobe University)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science – Podiatry (La Trobe University
  • Keen interest in treating a wide range of foot and ankle issues either occupational or sports presentations such as tendon overuse injuries.

Tegan consults Monday to Friday in Essendon.

Tegan graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice from La Trobe University. Tegan has a recreational and competitive sporting history, with interests in athletics and swimming. As a high jumper in her junior sporting years, she sustained a number of lower-limb related injuries which sparked her interest in the profession and helped to shape the practitioner she is today.

In all areas of clinical work, Tegan takes both a client-centred and evidence-based approach to treatments and is passionate about ensuring those in her care achieve their treatment goals. She has completed further study in the use of dry needling for myofascial pain, is competent in the delivery of shockwave therapy as an adjunct to musculoskeletal rehabilitation and has a keen interest in strength and mobility training. Her interests extend to dermatological presentations of the feet as well as the conservative and surgical management of ingrowing nails.

Beyond the world of podiatry, you will find Tegan caring for her many indoor plants, reminiscing about her travels and spending time with family.