Video Gait Analysis

Video Gait Analysis at Melbourne Podiatry Clinic

Here is an example of the Gait Analysis with full audio report that is sent to all patients and practitioners if requested.

What we do

At Melbourne Podiatry Clinic we take a detailed medical history followed by a comprehensive examination of the painful area. We then conduct a gait analysis to determine the exact cause of the pain to provide the best treatment. Our patients are assessed either walking or running on a treadmill using motion capture software. This enables us to assess and identify any issues at the hip, knee and feet to see if these are a contributing factor to the problem. A patient may require orthotics to realign your body if a relevant biomechanical issue is identified and this is done using the Foot Alignment System™. The patient will also be given footwear advice and stretching/strengthening exercises to help get them back on their feet quicker and back running. We will then send them and their practitioner our gait analysis video with our verbal commentary outlining your biomechanical issues.

Gait Re-Training

At Melbourne Podiatry Clinic not only do we treat your foot and leg pain we also teach you to run better – helping you to be more efficient, reduce injury and run stronger! Running technique plays a significant role in the development of overuse injuries and we can teach you ways to modify your running gait to prevent foot and knee pain.