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Choosing the Right Running Shoes

Choosing the right running shoe can be a daunting task. With so many options available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which shoe is the most appropriate for your feet and the distance you are choosing to run. In the following article we will look at the different types of runners and how we as podiatrists can help you pick that best option for your feet.

The structure of runner is can be categorized on a continuum from minimalist (Vivo 5 fingers) to Traditional (Asics Kayano) to Maximalist (HOKA). This typically refers to the amount of cushioning available in the shoe and can be beneficial or detrimental depending on your goals and the type of running you are completing.

Another way runners are categorised is by the amount of control they provide and once again is best viewed on a continuum ranging from Neutral (New Balance 1080) to Stability (Mizuno Inspire) to Control (Brooks Beast).

Many retail stores will choose the shoe they believe to be best suited to you based on the amount you pronate and your body composition. However, this is not always the most accurate way to pick the right footwear.

Here are 5 things to look for when choosing suitable runners:

  1. The Feel – the best indicator to how much you will enjoy your new shoes. Try to test this out running if you can as some shoes feel good on your foot but not so good once you start running.
  2. The Shape – making sure the heel fits snuggly around the ankle, the correct width and depth and the forefoot is wide enough to allow your toes to splay out.
  3. The Cushioning – is there enough cushioning to support your body and the amount of kilometres you will be running?
  4. The Support – do you feel comfortable with the position of your foot or do you feel you are being tipped out/ tipped in too much?
  5. The Weight – do the shoes feel like heavy bricks or light and responsive?

At Melbourne Podiatry Clinic we use Video Gait Analysis to record how you run, slowing the vision down and inspecting frame by frame the movements of your feet, ankles, lower leg, knees, upper leg, hips and back and provide feedback on the footwear we believe to be most appropriate.
Additionally, further feedback can be provided regarding the impact of your running style, where strength work or technique modification may be required and how making some small changes may decrease your potential for injury.

If you would like to make an appointment for footwear assessment and education please call us on (03) 9993 0461 or book online with one of excellent sports podiatrists.

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