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How To Tie Your Shoes Laces

Many common foot problems are caused by your shoes. Here are some simple lacing techniques that can solve many of the problems you may be experiencing.

Heels Slipping?

If you find your heel moves up and down in the shoe or if you notice significant wear on the inside of the shoe at the heel then you need to try the Heel Lock technique. By using this technique it anchors the heel back and down to prevent it moving excessively during running.

Pain/Numbness on top of the foot?

Many people suffer from a bony bump on the top of their foot that becomes very painful with rubbing from shoewear. By removing the lacing around the painful area by missing a loop as shown and then continuing the lacing as normal can alleviate the pressure and reduce discomfort.

Black Toenails?

Most runners have suffered a black toenail or two after a run. A simple way to prevent the pressure on the toenails that leads to them getting damaged and potentially losing them is to follow the technique below. However, if you are concerned about your nails becoming thickened or worse infected, please come and see us to get this sorted.

Andrew Maitland is a sports podiatrist at Melbourne Podiatry Clinic. Having worked closely with many elite and amateur runners over the years he has helped many people in the prevention and treatment of running injuries.

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